genYOU Story no.9 – Andrew

genYOU story no.9 comes from our good friend Andrew Quinn. Andrew has been a long time supporter of generationYOU – in fact, he was one of the speakers at our very first event! Name: Anderew Quinn City: Brisbane Could you tell

13 ways to become unemployable

It’s not only the jobless who become unemployable. There are many educated, 20-somethings who are invisible & struggling to win at work. If any of the below sound too familiar then it’s time to re think your

How to actually enjoy networking

Being a student, who also happens to be on the executive team of a student society and working as an Event Assistant, I am thrust into networking opportunities all the time. So many people (myself included) get

genYOU Story no.7 – John

Name: John Gappi Current role: Graphic Designer, online student and ex Marketing Coordinator of generationYOU How did you get involved with generationYOU and how did you find this experience? This is pretty crazy, but I was there from