The real impression is made during the role.

So you’ve taken in all of our #NoFilter advice and you’ve landed yourself an epic internship, volunteer position or job role. Yas! Kudos to you! We’re stoked to have been part of your journey. But is there maybe one tiny detail that you have forgotten?

The hard work isn’t over yet. In fact, I might argue that this is truly where it begins. Because it’s one thing to sell yourself on paper in an application and during an interview.

But the real impression is made during the role.

So here’s 5 tips, tricks and hacks to make sure that you take this opportunity, meet expectations, exceed them, and continue building yourself into being a strong graduate, young professional and all-round legend!

1 // Live up to the version of yourself you sold on paper and in the interview.

For me, this is the most obvious. When writing a job application, some of us may have the tendency to go a little bit … haywire. We can feel the need to dress ourselves up with skills, experiences and fancy words that sometimes don’t really match the real-life versions.

The problem with this, is that if you’re hired because the costume is impressive, eventually, it will become apparent that it is just that: a costume.

Maybe not on your first day. Maybe not on your second. But. It. Will. Wear. Down.

Not only will this let your employer down, it will effect your reputation.

My advice? Try your VERY best to be honest in your job applications. It saves a lot of time. It gives you a chance to be your best and honest self in the role and kickstart your career wth a solid impression.

2 // Give yourself a chance to learn.

I know you. You’re hungry for success. You want to prove yourself. I get it. I’m the same.

*sigh* The thing is … as a student, graduate and even when you’re 4+ years into your career … there are still MANY, many things to learn. And the beauty of a career? There will ALWAYS be something new to learn.

So how about you give yourself a chance to do so?

An employer will be more impressed with questions, than someone who takes an initiative with a task and somehow makes a mess out of it because they thought they *knew* everything.

3 // What else can you bring to the table?

I love this saying. Maybe I even overuse it. But it’s a good one.

It’s all about you taking ownership of your awesomeness and making it a valuable contribution to your team; organisation; project etc.

So what can you bring to the table? I’m not simply talking about a degree, industry-specific skills or buzzwords that you repeatedly list on resumes. I mean things like maintaining solid relationships; showing initiative during crisis; remaining calm under pressure; being able to pivot quickly to avoid failure …

You don’t NEED to list these things on an application, but knowing that you CAN bring them to a position is going to be an absolute game-changer. They will be the resounding ‘gold stamp’ in the impression you leave.

4 // Represent your workplace with pride.

If you start treating yourself like a walking billboard for your company (within reason) – I bet there will be a few things you change! I don’t mean you need to change your whole persona to match that of Company’s values or ethos (although these should somewhat still align with what you also believe in).

I mean how you carry yourself in meetings, at events or even at the coffee shop across the road from your office.

At the end of the day, when you’re hired, your only interactions will not just be with your colleagues. You could potentially bump into a stakeholder in the foyer; maybe a client whose project you’ve worked on will be at an event you’re also at; perhaps your boss’ brother will be at your Saturday tennis match (okay this one is stretch).

But do you get what I’m saying?

I don’t want you to be paranoid about your actions every day, hour, minute, I just want you to make sure you’re aware that some of these situations are a possibility.

5 // The basics.

Ah yes. The basics of being an awesome employee that we sometimes need reminding of. Here you are:

– Don’t be late to work. If you are going to be late, give your employer a heads up.

– Don’t create unnecessary mess and make sure to help clean up your work environment.

– You (and only you) are responsible for the attitude you bring to work.

– Clear communication is the be all and end all of being an impressive employee.

– There is no ‘I’ in team. You are part of a team now. So aim to be a valuable team player.


Saara Khan


Saara Khan
Having graduated from QUT with a media and communications degree, Saara floats in a sea of content, social media, PR and general marketing doings. With a mantra of getting sh(it) done she is handling the branding & marketing for our flagship, generationYOU. Saara is a young hustler keen to grow our community and help her generation to unleash their potential!