Networking: With Maddy Treherne

We sat down with genYOU legend Maddy Treherne to chat about what networking means to her and how it helped her score a drool-worthy internship!


One // What does networking mean to you? 

To me, networking is the connection you have with people. Before I attended generationYOU I thought of networking as ‘who you know’.

I learned there that networking can just be common ground with someone, how you utilise that can lead to a connection and extend your network. These connections can stem from shared experiences, mutual contacts or from actually meeting the person.

Two //  We know you recently started an internship with The Urban List, how did you score this opportunity?

I was looking for an internship through the usual routes: reading through the careers page for opportunities. I decided to apply for organisations (not necessarily on the careers page) where I really wanted to work.

I’ve loved and followed The Urban List (TUL) across platforms for years. At generationYOU 2016, one of the guest speakers – was Kim Barnard who was Head of Content for TUL, at the time. Her talk was amazing. I remember thinking how much I’d love to work for an organisation like that.

I went to their page to find they were looking for interns. Having followed the application procedure (CV submission and a short article), I wrote to the editor. I told her about Kim’s talk and how it stuck with me.

I was called for an interview a few weeks later. At the interview, the editor told me she was already 90% sure I had the internship – she basically had asked me in to put a face to a name. Mentioning Kim made my application stand out from the crowd (and she really liked the article I’d written).

Three // What networking advice would you like to give our genYOU community?

I recommend being innovative and adventurous with your approach to networking. You might already have a connection to the next person who’ll hire you!

You don’t need to have a really strong connection, you just need to be sure of the common ground you share with the person you’re contacting. I was fearful of it at first, it’s scary to reach out to someone you don’t know. But really it’s just finding something you have in common with someone.

My second piece of advice when you’re networking is to make sure your application is strong in itself. Networking is a tool to leverage your application- think of it as the sprinkles on top.


Saara Khan


Saara Khan
Having graduated from QUT with a media and communications degree, Saara floats in a sea of content, social media, PR and general marketing doings. With a mantra of getting sh(it) done she is handling the branding & marketing for our flagship, generationYOU. Saara is a young hustler keen to grow our community and help her generation to unleash their potential!