generationYOU Sydney 2018 // Program

9.00Stop wishing. Start doing. Welcome to generationYOU!!


Lisa Renneisen, Co-Founder, generationYOU


9.30Say YES to opportunities and Hustle like there is no tomorrow: Advice from the trenches to help you unleash your potential


generationYOU will kick off with an informal chat with a massive local legend. This is a great opportunity to get behind the scenes with someone who is not only successful in their field but who wants to help you to hustle in the same way, to reach your goals!


We will take a #nofilter approach to their wins, failures and learnings to help you learn from their experiences and hack your way to success.


You will also get the opportunity to ask your own questions and engage our local legend following the session.


Sam Allert, CEO, Reckon
Moderated by: Nadine Zrinzo, Co-Founder, generationYOU


10.10Networking. Turn strangers into connections & friends into raving fans


Whilst there is an art to networking, the challenge is in maintaining and growing relationships that matter. Irrespective of whether you are a student, graduate, first jobber or school leaver, being able to leverage your connections is a skill that will benefit you for life.


During this session, we will bust some networking myths, show you how to approach strangers at a networking event, help you find new contacts in unlikely places and talk about how to foster relationships that matter.


Kasia Stelmach, NSW New Member Lead, Hub Australia


10.40Morning break
11.00Put yourself in the best position to succeed with these critical enterprise skills


Securing a job isn’t enough anymore. Success comes from making yourself valuable, solving problems, being efficient and generating results (even in part time roles).


To do this, your skills’ toolbox needs to be strong in areas such leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, creative thinking and more.


During this session, three industry speakers, will run through each skill, why you need it, how to be better at it and the tools to help you get there. You will not only learn from their experience in mastering the skill but also their expectations in their workplace and with their teams.


Kym Viant, Business Development Manager, Development Beyond Learning (DBL)
Susan Henry, Head of People & Culture, Starlight Foundation
Gemma Cunningham, Senior Facilitator, Inkling Women


13.10Our learnings so far
13.20What a career really means?


We spend our school years and early 20s striving to build foundations for our ‘ideal job’ – yet most of us are unsure of what we actually want to do with our lives.


Whilst skills and experience are important – your career starts with YOU!


This session will help us ask some tough questions – around what a career really means is; what happiness is for you and how your work can form part of a happy and fulfilling life.


Lisa Renneisen, Co-Founder, generationYOU


13.5040 minutes of constant tips to help you get the job you really want!  

Career corner presented by Ashurst


Whether you are looking for your first job, a part time role, internship or tips to progress onto your second role, this session is all about employability – practical advice to help you secure your next role.


The only catch is that you will be the one to define the content of these 40 minutes.


We will provide you with two experts with often contradicting views (graduate program vs small/medium business) – the rest is in your hands.


Jo Dean, HR Manager, National Graduate Program, Ashurst
Emer McCann, Talent Acquisition Manager, Deputy

14.30Afternoon break
14.40Figure out who you are and how to tell the world: Building your personal brand


Your personal brand is the most powerful asset that you will carry with you throughout your life. It often precedes you and is certainly what people will remember.


Understand the difference between a product and personal brand; identify your values, strengths and traits; create an action plan and maintain your brand over time.


Learn how to use strategy, consistency and planning to build YOUR legacy.


Alana Stocks, Managing Director, Circul8


15.10Be prepared for the workplace of tomorrow – predicting the Future of Work


The current understanding of ‘work’ as we know it is in flux. Gone are the days of two or three jobs for life, a career ladder and a 9-5. Understanding current and future work patterns will enable you to be flexible, recognize opportunities and develop the appropriate skills to navigate your work life.


Rhiannon Tuntevski, Industry Partnerships, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, UTS
Maurice Cheong, Head of Education and Learning, AU & NZ, ACCA
Vaibhav Namburi, Director, Five2One


15.50Wrap up
16.00End of generationYOU