generationYOU Sydney 2018

You have the skills. You know you’re good. It’s time to leap from good to exceptional.


Over the past 3 years, generationYOU has created a thriving community of millennials: students, graduates, young professionals, school leavers and dreamers, with one thing in common – a strong desire to unleash their potential at work (and in life)!


Our live event series is all about giving you the opportunity to learn directly from local legends, entrepreneurs, mentors and managers, whilst growing your network, interacting with our partners and developing your skills.


Skills that all employers seek: think communication, problem solving, personal branding, leadership, networking, emotional intelligence and more. These are the skills that will take you the extra mile – help you get sh*t done, unleash your potential and stand out from the crowd!

Uh-oh! Unfortunately you missed us – our generationYOU Live event in Sydney ran on August 30th! To keep in touch with all things generationYOU, and learn awesome career tips, tricks and hacks, you can sign up to receive our Career Hacks or join our Digital program.

What you will walk away with …

One // A certificate of attendance (definitely a bonus for the resume)

Two //
Amped up enterprise skills – crucial to being exceptional in any job!

Three // 
Access to our peer-to-peer network for further questions, learning and support

Four // 
A targeted action plan of steps to take in the two weeks following generationYOU – all geared to helping you unleash your potential

Five //
Opportunity to continue growing your skillset with genYOU Digital

What we will cover

Hustling // Say YES to opportunities and Hustle like there is no tomorrow. 

generationYOU will kick off with an informal chat with a massive local legend. This is a great opportunity to get behind the scenes with someone who is not only successful in their field but who wants to help you to hustle in the same way, to reach your goals!

Networking // Turn strangers into connections & friends into raving fans

Whilst there is an art to networking, the challenge is in maintaining and growing relationships that matter. Irrespective of whether you are a student, graduate, first jobber or school leaver, being able to leverage your connections is a skill that will benefit you for life.

Enterprise Skills // Put yourself in the best position to succeed with these 3 critical skills

Securing a job isn’t enough anymore. Success comes from making yourself valuable, solving problems, being efficient and generating results (even in part time roles). To do this, your skills’ toolbox needs to be strong in areas such leadership, emotional intelligence and critical thinking.

Defining a Career // Integrate work into your extraordinary life

We spend our school years and early 20s striving to build foundations for our ‘ideal job’ – yet most of us are unsure of what we actually want to do with our lives. This session will help us ask some tough questions – around what a career really is.

Recruitment Myth Busting // 40 minutes of constant tips to help you get the job you really want! Career corner presented by Ashurst

Whether you are looking for your first job, a part time role, internship or tips to progress onto your second role, this session is all about employability – practical advice to help you secure your next role.

Personal Branding // Figure out who you are and how to tell the world

Your personal brand is the most powerful asset that you will carry with you throughout your life. It often precedes you and is certainly what people will remember. Learn how to use strategy, consistency and planning to build YOUR legacy.

The future of work // Be prepared for the workplace of tomorrow

The current understanding of ‘work’ as we know it is in flux. Gone are the days of two or three jobs for life, a career ladder and a 9-5. Understanding current and future work patterns will enable you to be flexible, recognize opportunities and develop the appropriate skills to navigate your work life.