generationYOU Doyenne 2019 // Program

13.00Registration + bagels
13.30Stop wishing. Start doing. Welcome to generationYOU Doyenne!!


Lisa Renneisen, Co-founder, generationYOU

13.50Advice from the trenches – a fireside chat with a local legend


There is no better learning than from those that have been there done that. This is a great opportunity to engage in a conversation with one of Brisbane’s best female leaders; to learn from her experiences and benefit from some inspiration along the way!


We will take a #nofilter approach to their wins, failures and learnings to help you hack your way to success.


Elena Schamp, Chief Technology Officer, Cardno.
Moderated By: Nadine Zrinzo, Co-Founder, generationYOU

14.20Build your tribe – learn to network like a pro


Tribes are built through give and take. The challenge is not simply to meet strangers but to foster relationships & leverage your contacts to benefit yourself and others.


During this session, we will bust some networking myths, show you how to approach strangers at a networking event, help you find new contacts in unlikely places and talk about how to foster relationships.


Gemma Alker, Strategic Engagement & Partnerships Manager, Chair in Digital Economy, QUT Business School

14.50Break & snacks!
15.10Recap & networking activity
15.20Put yourself forward – develop leadership skills for impact. 


Leadership encompasses all manner of sins from flexibility, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, team building, influence and more. Irrespective of how you view leadership, it is a necessary skill for any workplace of the future.


During this session we will take a hands-on approach to leadership, from determining the different types of leaders and working styles, traits of successful leaders, dissecting examples of leadership in the field, and building a plan to help strengthen our leadership skills and build confidence.


Captain Karina Harvey, Intelligence Officer, Australian Regular Army

15.50Unlocking your emotional intelligence 


A few of us are naturally emotionally intelligent, but for the rest of us, EQ is a necessary skill we need to build over time, particularly as it is one of the top 10 in demand job skills.


EQ provides us an opportunity to elevate certain innate skills which not only help us to manage our own emotions but those of others. Think collaboration, conflict resolution, self-awareness, team building and more.


Alison Lalieu, CEO UBalancer Solutions

16.20The future is yours – take control of your career.


genYOU Doyenne will close off with a career Q&A session with some of the strongest (and most badass) fearless female leaders we know. They will briefly talk about their experiences about women in the workplace and will be available to any answer questions you might have on career management, negotiation, building confidence, work life balance, dealing with challenges & anything else you can think of!


Irrespective of whether your perfect career is as a rocket scientist, barista, sock designer, prime minister, volunteer, coder or manager, your career is in your hands!


Sarah Leach, Principal Coordinator, Smart Connected Brisbane, Brisbane City Council
Amy Maynard, Internal Communications, Flight Centre Travel Group
Zhenya Pavlinova, Structural Engineer, GHD
Lauren Duffy, Marketing Team Lead/Scrum Master, Jumbo Interactive Limited

17.00Wrap up
17.15End of genYOU Doyenne