Brisbane & Melbourne 2017

generationYOU Brisbane ran on March 31st followed by generationYOU Melbourne week later on April 7th.


With a strong focus on skills, resilience and opportunities, the day was all about giving attendees the tools to ‘get shit done’ to stand out from the crowd!

What we covered

Networking // Myth busting, approaching strangers, finding contacts and fostering relationships that matter.

Leadership // The importance of stepping up and being a leader and ways in which you can do this in the workplace.

Communication // It seems so obvious, yet its so easy to get so wrong. Communication remains key to getting and staying ahead at work.

Problem Solving // How to approach problems when they arise and ways in which you can tackle them and make yourself part of the solution.

EQ // Looking beyond this CV buzzword to discover what emotional intelligence really is and the importance of it in progressing your career.

Recruitment // Practical advice and answers to your questions around the job application process and everything that goes with it

Personal Branding // How to manage your most powerful asset and specific actions you can take to ensure you are building the personal brand that you want

The future of work // We looked at current and future work patterns, helping you to recognize opportunities and develop the appropriate skills to navigate your work life.

A few of our speakers

Melbourne 2017 Keynote
Alex McBride
The 5th

Brisbane 2017 Keynote
Schalk Pienaar

Russ Vine

Kelly Pfeffer

Adam Jelic

Kim Barnard
The Urban List

Christopher Gilpin
Development Beyond Learning

Jess Hudswell