generationYOU Adelaide 2017

Are you ready for a game changer? An experience that will help you unleash your potential when it comes to your career and life? Then join us at generationYOU Adelaide this September and get the tools you need to ‘get shit done’ stand out from the crowd!

: Friday September 8, 2017
Where: Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre
Your Investment: $79 Students/$99 Full Fee >> Check out what this gets you
Tickets: Places are limited. Book now via Eventbrite.


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What we will cover

Whilst formal education gives you some of the tools that you need to unleash your potential, we hear over  that those skills are simply not enough.


There is a second set skills that you need to have in your toolbox. Skills that will help you truly stand out from the crowd and get sh*t done in the workplace. Luckily, this is exactly what generationYOU is all about – teaching you these crucual skills.

Networking // Learn how to approach strangers at a networking event, find new contacts in unlikely places and foster relationships that matter.

Leadership // Understand the importance of being a leader, how you improve your leadership skills and why this is such an important trait in the workplace.

Problem Solving // How to approach problems when they arise and ways in which you can tackle them and make yourself part of the solution.

EQ // Looking beyond this CV buzzword to discover what emotional intelligence really is and the importance of it in progressing your career.

Communication // Communication in any work place is a balancing act. Whether you are talking to your boss, emailing a client, or having a beer with a colleague – getting the right message across is essential.

Personal Branding // Your personal brand is the most powerful asset that you will manage throughout your career. Learn the specific actions you can take to ensure you are building the personal brand that you want.

Recruitment // No matter what type of role you are looking for, our gurus are here just to answer your questions and bust all those myths you have heard around the job application process and everything that goes with it.

Future proofing your career // ‘Work’ as we know it is in flux. Gone are the days of a two or three jobs for life, a career ladder and 9-5. Understand current and future work patterns + steps you can take to futureproof your career.

What you will get out of the day

generationYOU is designed to help you learn from the experiences of local legends who have not only been in your shoes, but now recruit, manage and mentor young people.


Each attendee will walk away from the event with:


>> A certificate of attendance (definitely a bonus for the resume)

>> A targeted ation plan of steps to take in the two weeks following generationYOU – all geared to helping you unleash your potential

>> 2 months free acces to generationYOU Digital

>> Access to our peer to peer network for further questions, learning and support


generationYOU will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, located in the heart of the city on the banks of River Torrens.