Join us for a Live Event in 2018

Brisbane // March 22nd Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Melbourne // April 20th Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Sydney // August 30th ICC Sydney

Adelaide // September 7th Adelaide Convention Centre


There is a lot of chatter about who millennials are, what they are capable of and where their future lies. At generationYOU we believe that your potential is limitless – sometimes you just need a hand to unleash it.


At our generationYOU Live Events, we focus on the skills that all employers seek from graduates. Think communication, problem solving, personal branding, leadership, networking, emotional intelligence and more.


While these might sound basic, they are the 7% that you need to start hustling, getting sh*t done and standing out from the crowd.

What do you cover on the day?

Enterprise Skills //
Addressing key skills that everyone needs including leadership, EQ, problem solving, communication + more.

Hustling //
Learning how to say YES to opportunities and hustle like there is no tomorrow.

Networking //
Turning strangers into connections and friends into raving fans.

Recruitment Q&A //
A session aimed at employability i.e. practical advice to help attendees secure their next role.

Creating Opportunities //
Learning to recognise and seize opportunities that will help attendees achieve goals in their lives and careers!

Personal Branding //
Who we are and how we project this to the world.

The Future of Work //
Preparing attendees for the future workplace of tomorrow.

Defining a Career //
Learning how to integrate work into our extraordinary lives.

And how will I learn them?

Unlike your typical uni lecture, generationYOU is an interactive one-day conference where you get the rare opportunity to learn and interact with industry legends.


Individuals who have been in your shoes and who are passionate to share their journey, mistakes and learnings.


Irrespective of whether you are a student, school leaver, apprentice, graduate, unemployed or in your first job, the information learnt through generationYOU is critical.


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