genYOU micro stories part two

Part two of genyOU micro stories takes a look at another four millennials from Melbourne, each on their journey to a career and life that makes them happy.

What does unleashing your potential mean for you? Is it working towards a career that you’re really passionate about? It it taking a massive risk to do something completely different?

Let us know in the comments section below. We love hearing about your journey!


genYOU micro stories are a collection of special snapshots from millennials that are on their way to unleashing their potential.

Photographed and collected by: Amelia Hough, Melbourne Intern Extraordinaire.

I think it’s ok to not know exactly what you want to do after high school, I definitely didn’t. I had to take a few years after finishing to figure out what my potential was and what I really wanted to achieve. Now that I’ve got a clear goal in my mind it’s definitely less stressful – but I’m so glad I took the time to think about it properly.


I’ve got a lot of different interests that don’t seem to fit together to form a perfect career. I think that for me, unleashing my potential is learning how to work with the various skills I’ve got to try and find something that I can really enjoy doing.


Travelling the world has unleashed my potential. Obviously study is important and I know I have to work hard – but I’ve never been as inspired, excited or open to new things than I am when I’m in a completely new environment.


Unleashing my potential means pushing boundaries, I love to try different things and to keep challenging myself. I don’t exactly what my potential is, but I’m excited to keep trying to figure it out.




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