The fine line between professional vs. personal online branding.

There are often misconceptions about the term ‘personal branding’. Many young graduates believe: a) That it is only for professionals in BIG organisations b) That its key purpose is to market yourself to corporate executives c) That for a successful personal brand you need to have a pre-existing, extensive list of contacts Today, it’s more […]


Are you owning your busy? Or does it own you?

When I first started at generationYOU (just over a year ago), and we created our Career Hacks Index … I was automatically “wow’ed”. You might think that I’m just saying that. But if you’ve been part of our genYOU community for a while – actually – even if you’ve just come on board … you’ll […]


Personal Brand Case Study: Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington Arianna is arguably one of the most well-known individuals in the business-world. And in the world of ‘personal brands’ – she may have one of the most solid. So who is Arianna Huffington and what can we learn from her? Well, a quick google search will give you the results on the right. From that […]


#NoFilter Personal Branding.

Once you hit university you start to realise just how important building your personal brand is – your reputation online, offline and in person becomes one of the stepping stones to a successful career. No pressure, right? We get it. Which is why we wanted to give you some tangible advice that would help you on your […]


Personal Branding 101 – What and Why.

Everyone wants to have an outstanding personal brand. Well almost everyone anyway. Why wouldn’t you? Your brand is fundamentally your reputation. A strong personal brand can open all sorts of doors … people want to be associated with you and are happy to recommend and connect you to opportunities. Conversely, if your personal brand is […]


What do you do regularly to improve your online brand?

Your personal brand is an asset that you will carry with you throughout your entire career #nopressure. So. To help you with this all-important task, we went out into the wild and asked three awesome industry legends “What do you do regularly to improve your online brand?” Here’s what they had to say: Jason Roulston, Co-Founder, Just […]


How to run a personal online brand audit.

When was the last time you googled yourself? Or had a look at some of the older posts you have stored on Facebook or LinkedIn? What about building a strong professional presence – do you have a strategy in place? Getting your online persona to be job ready isn’t simply about what to remove from […]


Owning your personal brand in 2017

Your personal brand i.e. who you are, what you stand for and how you are perceived by others can significantly impact your career. Let’s back that up with a true story: Once upon a time I applied for a job, got a call for an interview, went to said interview and thought, ‘I really want this […]


How to identify your double or triple threat!

Life advice comes at us from different directions. I like to think that if we are open we will hear the right thing at the right time whether it is from a friend, Facebook post, article or just an ‘aha’ moment. Over the holidays I started reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Tim is […]