Help! I’m stuck in a personal branding rut.

Here’s the thing about building a personal brand. When you first decide you’re going to give yourself a professional makeover by going to ALL the events; connecting with ALL the right people; writing new articles for a blog EVERY week; cleaning up your social media (and maybe even joining NEW platforms) … it can be […]


The fine line between professional vs. personal online branding.

There are often misconceptions about the term ‘personal branding’. Many young graduates believe: a) That it is only for professionals in BIG organisations b) That its key purpose is to market yourself to corporate executives c) That for a successful personal brand you need to have a pre-existing, extensive list of contacts Today, it’s more […]


Are you owning your busy? Or does it own you?

When I first started at generationYOU (just over a year ago), and we created our Career Hacks Index … I was automatically “wow’ed”. You might think that I’m just saying that. But if you’ve been part of our genYOU community for a while – actually – even if you’ve just come on board … you’ll […]


Personal Brand Case Study: Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington Arianna is arguably one of the most well-known individuals in the business-world. And in the world of ‘personal brands’ – she may have one of the most solid. So who is Arianna Huffington and what can we learn from her? Well, a quick google search will give you the results on the right. From that […]


#NoFilter Personal Branding.

Once you hit university you start to realise just how important building your personal brand is – your reputation online, offline and in person becomes one of the stepping stones to a successful career. No pressure, right? We get it. Which is why we wanted to give you some tangible advice that would help you on your […]


Personal Branding 101 – What and Why.

Everyone wants to have an outstanding personal brand. Well almost everyone anyway. Why wouldn’t you? Your brand is fundamentally your reputation. A strong personal brand can open all sorts of doors … people want to be associated with you and are happy to recommend and connect you to opportunities. Conversely, if your personal brand is […]


What do you do regularly to improve your online brand?

Your personal brand is an asset that you will carry with you throughout your entire career #nopressure. So. To help you with this all-important task, we went out into the wild and asked three awesome industry legends “What do you do regularly to improve your online brand?” Here’s what they had to say: Jason Roulston, Co-Founder, Just […]


How to run a personal online brand audit.

When was the last time you googled yourself? Or had a look at some of the older posts you have stored on Facebook or LinkedIn? What about building a strong professional presence – do you have a strategy in place? Getting your online persona to be job ready isn’t simply about what to remove from […]