It’s ok to pave your own road.

Whilst juggling two jobs, full-time uni and an internship (I don’t recommend doing all these things at once), I’ve had the opportunity to experience the communication industry and launch my career. Despite how hectic my life has become, I’ve noticed my choices have led me to drift apart from those who I was once close […]


Job application tips, tricks and hacks.

Whether you are looking for your first job, a part time role, internship or tips to progress onto your second role – securing a job always starts with the application. Following on from our epic and very 1st genYOU Inspire session for the year on April 10 “Mastering job applications”, we’ve put together the key […]


Navigating the treacherous post-interview waters.

There’s a few ways to manage the pressure and anxiety that often comes post-interview. The reality is that how you choose to follow-up an interview could be your one last chance to make a great impression! So how do you make sure it’s the best one? Key things to remember: You want to be front […]


Interview questions to prep for and to ask!

Ahhh it’s interview day. YOUR day. Your time to shine. Two things you have to watch out for are a) Don’t get caught out by a tricky little interview answer that you forgot to plan for and b) Don’t forget to jot down 3 – 4 tailored questions that will help make your final decisions, […]


Sometimes you just gotta ask the question.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of seizing opportunities. It pains me to watch young people (actually all people) sit back and wait for the opportunities to come to them. What are you waiting for. Stand up and grab those opportunities with both hands people!!! But what about if the opportunity doesn’t […]


Beat the interview jitters.

Interview jitters. You know the ones. Queasy stomach, sweaty palms, awkward laugh. How the heck do you turn that into “I’m your superstar, hire me!” Read on friend, this article is the helping hand you need. The one thing to remember, is that there is no such thing as over-prepared.  Your goal mindset prior to […]


An ode to our interns.

Late in August this year, our team had two interns start with us – Sarah and Nicole. Today is their last day in the office … and never have I been so sad to have to say goodbye. For the last 3 months they have been a part of the biggest journey that our team […]


The why’s and how’s of volunteering.

Let’s be real. Being a uni student is hard work. There’s assignment deadlines, group meetings, exams… as well as trying to find time to make money, see our friends and get enough sleep (thank goodness for coffee). If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering whether volunteering is worth your time. By my second […]