When communication goes VERY wrong.

We reached out to our genYOU Industry legends to ask them for their most cringe-worthy communication mishaps. We know that most of the time, miscommunication occurs when you ignore good old-fashioned common sense … all of these “lessons learned” are in fact “lessons already known but I’m kind of an idiot sometimes!” In fact … […]


Communication in a post-academic world.

Remember when you were in pre-school learning the ABC’s? How simple were those days? “A is for apple, B is for book, C is for cat.” As the years progressed, your understanding of letters, words, punctuation and tone of voice grew; and so did your knowledge of the power of words.  It’s funny how we […]


The Art of Hustling.

Do you have a hustle mindset? Whilst your parents might have been doing the Hustle in 1975, the term has a completely different meaning in 2017. Today, the hustle, translates to hard work, results and a commitment to #win no matter what the challenges or costs. Resilience, resourcefulness, strength and a clear vision lie at […]


Email Etiquette – 3 Golden Rules

Have you ever completely screwed up a professional email? Yep. Hit reply instead of forward and accidentally sent kisses to a client – guilty. Missed a key word in an opening sentence and said, “I hope this email ___ you well” – happens more than I’d like it to. And of course the classic, ‘please […]


Why teamwork is important

This week, we’re delving into the topic of why teamwork is important. We’ve all been a part of a team/group/squad (whatever you want to call it). But how important is teamwork to your own success? Very important. So much so that I decided to cover my top 3 lessons when it comes to the T word. Here […]