Our own expectations hit the hardest.

As you move along through the start of your career journey, I bet you have an ‘ideal’ picture of what the next few years look like, right? Whether that’s maintaining a certain GPA; passing all of your subjects; landing an internship; managing a side hustle; working on your networking skills, being on the executive team […]


Workplace Communication 101.

It’s quite funny that there’s no course at uni on communication right? Well I mean, you may be studying a media and communications degree. But even so – I don’t remember there being a crash course during that degree on “5 ways to apologise to your colleague after offending them.” In fact – when it […]


#NoFilter Leadership Advice.

At generationYOU, we believe that you don’t have to be in an Executive position to be a leader. In fact, you can embody a leader every day, regardless of your job title or age. To give you some inspiration, we went out and ask our awesome industry legends “What are the top traits you look for […]


“Give me an example of when you were a leader.”

I want to provide you with some tangible ways you can build your leadership skills every. single. day. Why is this important? First of all, it’s all good and well to list ‘leadership’ under skills on your LinkedIn profile, in your cover letter or on your resume … but when asked “Give me an example […]


Leadership. Not just a skill reserved for CEOs.

Leadership (n) 1. The set of characteristics that make a good leader: He lacks leadership qualities/skills. 2. The position or fact of being the leader: The group flourished under her firm leadership. What is your current definition of leadership? Do you have politicians, industry connections, mentors that you consider good examples of leaders? Your answer to these questions are important, because […]


#NoFilter Collaboration.

A key enterprise skill you will need before you enter a full-time role is collaboration. To give you a heads up on what this may look like, Lisa and Saara are giving you their #NoFilter stories on the collaboration experiences they’ve had throughout their career journeys so far! Hopefully these will give you insight into what collaboration really […]


When it all goes to sh*t.

I want to start with a story. Two months ago I applied for a volunteering program which I desperately wanted to be a part of. I spent significant time on my application and was very careful to ensure I ticked all the boxes. I was confident I was a perfect match for the role. Last […]


Collaboration 101: What, Why and How.

For the next few minutes, I want you to forget how you currently define collaboration and push aside any negative or positive memories you associate with the word! We are going to start with the all important WHAT, WHY and HOW. What exactly is collaboration, Why is collaboration so damn important and How you can […]