Criticism does not mean you suck.

As a boss one of the things I actually hate most is having to give someone feedback on their work. Well let me explain. When their work is awesome … it’s great … I get to big them up and make them feel like a giant. But when things aren’t up to scratch, no matter […]


Finding an internship while you’re studying.

Hey there genYOUers! I know you love reading Saara’s blogs, but while she’s helping out with the hustle and bustle of the Bright happenings (genYOU’s parent), she’s given me the reigns this time… My name is Irina, and currently I’m Bright’s events assistant. I’m completing a dual degree of Business and Media and Communications. My […]


When sh*t hits the fan, keep your cool.

At genYOU HQ, we’re getting ready to enter the busier end of our 2019 … we also know that you’ve just come back from what was probably an epic – and well-deserved  – uni break! So what better time to chat to you about all things #timemanagement? Most of the time, you can’t fight the […]


There’s no generationYOU without Y-O-U.

Around the 6-month mark of any year, most people tend to do some reflection. Yep – I’m one of those people. When I first started at generationYOU, I was technically still a student. No really. I was 99.9% sure I was going to get my degree in June 2017, but I hadn’t graduated as of […]


A #NoFilter chat on success.

A lot of you will know that a huge part of generationYOU is our events (hopefully you’ve attended one or two)! It means that the generationYOU Team get to meet a lot of you face-to-face (yes the #genYOU team really do exist in real life hehe). What I’m constantly astounded by is how humble most […]


Navigating the treacherous post-interview waters.

There’s a few ways to manage the pressure and anxiety that often comes post-interview. The reality is that how you choose to follow-up an interview could be your one last chance to make a great impression! So how do you make sure it’s the best one? Key things to remember: You want to be front […]


Feeling Uncertain? Harness Your Resilience!

What an extraordinary privilege it is to be writing to you today genYOU Legends! My name is Abby and I’m the current intern for Bright Conferences, the parent company of generationYOU. While I’m here, I’m lucky enough to be able to share some stories from my own (windy) career journey with you. I hope they […]