2018. Lessons Learned.

Ahhh 2018. Is it too cliche if we say ‘what a year’? If you find yourself saying that at the end of EVERY year, you are very lucky indeed. Because it means you experienced a year that brought you something. Good, bad, ugly, surprises, achievements, lessons. BOY were there a lot of lessons. For the whole […]


Would your future self be proud of present you?

I know that a lot of you will be pretty close to graduating, maybe you even have a graduate position lined up (yay full-time job!!!!) … regardless of where you are in your study or career journey, I think we can all agree that we’ve entered the stage of the year due for ‘reflection’. If […]


When it comes to your career. Be like a chameleon.

I’m sure a fair number of you would have had the PNAU ‘Chameleon’ song start playing in your head the second you read the title. Which is a good thing. Because it’s positive and makes you feel good. Which is what I hope you feel at the end of this article. You’ve heard it over […]


Are you owning your busy? Or does it own you?

When I first started at generationYOU (just over a year ago), and we created our Career Hacks Index … I was automatically “wow’ed”. You might think that I’m just saying that. But if you’ve been part of our genYOU community for a while – actually – even if you’ve just come on board … you’ll […]


The why’s and how’s of volunteering.

Let’s be real. Being a uni student is hard work. There’s assignment deadlines, group meetings, exams… as well as trying to find time to make money, see our friends and get enough sleep (thank goodness for coffee). If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering whether volunteering is worth your time. By my second […]


Full-time life. Myths vs. Reality.

We know that when you’re at university you hear STACKS of stories from beyond … and you sometimes get mixed messages from your friends who have made it into the ‘full-time world’. John landed a position at a consulting firm in Sydney – EVERY Thursday his snapchat story is filled with team drinks. Kate can’t […]


Land a job straight after graduation.

So you’ve done the hard yards. The all-nighters. The sh*tty group assignments. The public speaking presentations. The internships. The extra-curricular activities. The volunteer positions. The last three years has turned you into a bitter, aged-beyond-your-years, drinking only black coffee, almost-graduate (only joking) (maybe). Yes. Graduation is right around the corner and you’ve realised there’s one […]


It’s okay to ask for help.

If you ask my Mum what the first words out of my mouth were she would say this … “No Mummy – I can do it.”   Right from the get go I had this attitude (which I apparently came ingrained with) that I do not need help or advice – ‘Lisa knows best’ … I […]


How to decide if you’re the right fit for a company.

Ok. Let’s think of ‘company culture’ as the personality of a company. It includes heaps of things like how the employees attribute to the work environment, the company mission, value, ethics and its expectations of you (as an employee). If you start looking for or applying these above qualities to a company you’re interested in working for or […]