Hands on Training Program

Bright Conferences (the company behind generationYOU) is a learning organisation and as such is keen to create as many opportunities for growth and development as possible. This extends to those youth in our community who are after work experience around marketing, event management and entrepreneurship.


If you are based in Brisbane – and want to get involved, we encourage you to read about the program below and apply. 

Applications are open year round >> Apply now.


If you are based in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide – you might want to consider being an onsite volunteer for generationYOU. Volunteers receive a complimentary ticket to the event in exchange for helping out with onsite tasks such as registration, microphone running and other bits to ensure the smooth running of the event. If you would like to learn more about this, drop Lisa an email on lisa@generationyou.com.au

Aims of the hands-on program:

  • Practice what we preach and help our youth advance their careers in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship and event management
  • Provide 20 students a year with training and hands on experience in our three key areas of influence
  • Bridge the gap between the lecture room and work environment
  • Enable networking and peer connections within the program & through our events
  • Encourage our youth to become the exception and not the stereotype!

How it works:

The program will roughly cover 30-40 hours of work-integrated learning. This will include classes, training, networking and conference attendance, which will strengthen the theory/background elements of marketing, event management and entrepreneurship with the rest focusing on hands on work experience. This will likely include:


  • Three training sessions (events, marketing, entrepreneurship) covering key elements of each area (might be online for those that are based interstate)
  • Hands on work experience (events, marketing) on one of our medium sized conferences (over 100 people). You will work on events such as:
  • A career related Q&A session with industry
  • Access to relevant resources around career development, enterprise skills and employability options through generationYOU
  • Complimentary attendance at generationYOU in your state (even if this is not your key event)
  • Access to our co-founders for relevant conversations around work, careers, life and other

The program will run for a year from when you join, so the order of the above will vary according to your intake. We will fill any gaps on a one to one level if needed.

The benefits of joining:

  • Gain real world working experience backed by the theory to help you carry out your tasks successfully
  • Opportunity to sit in on some great industry/youth conferences & potentially interact with the speakers
  • Network with your peers, the team at Bright and other members of our community
  • Opportunity to ask questions, both about your careers, skills building and practical marketing/event elements
  • Receive a letter of completion and/or reference letter (if appropriate)

Who is it for:

The program will support a maximum of 20 students a year, across Brisbane. You will need to be:

  • A full time student in a university or other tertiary college in Brisbane
    • We may accept other applicants from time to time so if you are interested but not a full time student please feel free to apply
  • Under 25 years of age
  • Interested in marketing, events, entrepreneurship or ideally all three!
  • By applying and being selected for this program you need to make yourself available for sessions, training etc. Work experience is a precious commodity. If you are unable to commit, please do not take the opportunity away from someone else.
  • Open to learning & contributing to the program
  • Interested in standing out of the crowd and learning more about how to secure the job you want and be awesome at it!

2017 Schedule:

Training Sessions

  • March 8: Event Management training session
  • June 6: Event Marketing training sesion
  • August 10: Entrepreneurship training session
  • November 15: Career + Networking session

Note: It would be expected that you will be available to attend all four of these sessions. Each one should last approximately 2 hours.


Event Specific Dates

  • March 24: generationYOU prep session
  • March 31: generationYOU Brisbane (conference onsite)
  • July 7: Digital Summit prep session
  • July 21: Interactive Minds Digital Summit (conference onsite)
  • November 1: EMSA (conference onsite)
  • Additional onsite opportunities may be added in as the year progresses.

Note: You will have the opportunity to do the onsite for at least one of the above events and can indicate availability on the application form.


How to join:

Applications are open year round. Please fill in our online form. Applicants will be selected based on responses and requirements at the time.

Any questions?

If you need any specific dates or have any questions, please email us on lisa@generationyou.com.au


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