genYOU Stories

genYOU Stories are a collection of unique yet relatable stories from the awesome people in our Community. If you have an awesome story to tell, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line on



genYOU Micro Stories 02

genYOU micro stories are a collection of special snapshots from millennials that are on their way to unleashing their potential. Part 2 of our genYOU micro stories series takes a look at another four millennials from Melbourne – each on

genYOU Story 06 – Celene

At just 20 years old, Celene Pretorius has a maturity and determination that not many people can compare to. Talented, intelligent and charismatic, she is on a creative journey to becoming a Theatre Director.  Name: Celene Pretorius 

genYOU Micro Stories 01

Our generationYOU micro stories showcase a collection of people who are on their way to unleashing their potential. And with only a few weeks to go until our live events in Brisbane and Melbourne, our talented intern

genYOU Story 05 – Linh

Linh Diep is an inspiration. Juggling many different roles and responsibilities, she is intelligent, young, and hardworking. Her journey has already taken her to great heights and she is showing no signs of stopping.  Name: Linh Diep

genYOU Story 04 – Jacob

Oozing with charisma and energy, it is safe to say that Jacob Aldridge is one of a kind. Having chaired one of our most memorable generationYOU events, his unique approach to doing business and life is what

genYOU Story 03 – Melanie

Young, driven, and passionate are just some of the things you can call Melanie Duffy. Hailing all the way from the beautiful city of Adelaide, her genYOU story is something that resonates with anyone who is on

genYOU Story 02 – Lisa

Our second genYOU story comes from one of our amazing Co-Founders, Lisa Renneisen. Before you tuck into her genYOU story, let’s just say her career journey has been anything but linear (good thing she likes rollercoasters)! Name: Lisa

genYOU Story 01 – Bella

Our first story comes from the amazing and quirky Bella Quaid. We first met her back in 2015 when she volunteered in our first generationYOU event. Name: Bella Quaid City: Brisbane Current role: Marketing Assistant and Founder