genYOU Stories

genYOU Stories are a collection of unique yet relatable stories from the awesome people in our Community. If you have an awesome story to tell, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line on



genYOU Story 14 – Yohanna

Our 14th genYOU Story features Yohanna Handjaja from The University of Adelaide. Yohanna has a positive attitude that we know is going to help her keep flying through her goals! Name: Yohanna Handjaja City: Adelaide Current Role: Master

genYOU Story 13 – Naomi

Our 13th genYOU Story features Naomi Kroll – an inspired Western Sydney University student who is working hard to reach her goals and letting nothing get in her way!   Name: Naomi Kroll City: Sydney Current role: Studying a Bachelor

genYOU Story 12 – Khairul

Our 12th genYOU story is on Khairul Razali. Coming to us all the way from Malaysia, Khairul is an ambitious, hard-working and insightful psychology student at Flinders University in Adelaide. Khairul brings an inspiring perspective to our
genYOU Story Ana

genYOU Story 11 – Anastasiia

Our genYOU story is on Anastasiia (Ana) Kuleshova. Coming to us all the way from Ukraine, Ana is a passionate and driven QUT marketing whiz + administrative assistant and Founder + President of the EcoQUT club. Basically, Ana

genYOU Story 10 – Nick

Hailing from Moscow, Russia Nick Smirnov (or as his friends like to nickname: Smirnoff), is a trendsetting creative focused on helping start up companies to reach their full potential. In the future he aspires to launch his

genYOU Story 09 – Andrew

Our genYOU story No. 9 comes from our good friend Andrew Quinn. Andrew has been a long time supporter of generationYOU – in fact, he was one of the speakers at our very first event! Name: Andrew Quinn City: Brisbane Could

genYOU Story 08 – Amelia

Focused, gutsy and brave (yep, she jumps out of planes), Amelia Hough joined the team as our first intern in Melbourne. Inspired by her travels, friends and the people she meets she is not afraid to take

genYOU Story 07 – John

Name: John Gappi Current role: Graphic Designer, online student and ex Marketing Coordinator of generationYOU How did you get involved with generationYOU and how did you find this experience? This is pretty crazy, but I was there from