Why generationYOU?

Over the past 3 years, generationYOU has created a thriving community of millennials: students, graduates, young professionals, school leavers and dreamers, with one thing in common >> a strong desire to unleash their potential at work (and in life)!


Our role is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge from the experienced (think managers, mentors and entrepreneurs) with Australia’s youth.


We do this through original content, events & conferences, an online digital program and also a hands-on training program. The focus is on employability, entrepreneurship, skills development and career management which will not only benefit young adults themselves, but also their employers and communities.

What is generationYOU Live?

Core to the generationYOU brand are our one day events that run in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. These events give attendees the opportunity to engage with plenty of local legends who will be sharing their experience, advice and learnings.


Attendees have the opportunity to chat with some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs; question senior HR managers on job applications; understand what the future of work will look like; put some awesome networking tips into practice and learn more about how to develop critical skills like communication, emotional intelligence and leadership.


  • Brisbane // March 22nd Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Melbourne // April 20th Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Sydney // August 30th ICC Sydney
  • Adelaide // September 7th Adelaide Convention Centre

Who is behind generationYOU?

generationYOU was co-founded by Nadine Zrinzo and Lisa Renneisen – two small business owners who simply got fed up of constantly hearing about the stereotypes that Millennials are struggling with (and decided to do something about it).


Whilst Lisa is a digital marketing ninja, Nadine’s strength lies in designing awesome live learning experiences. Both have worked with and in youth organisations, mentor a number of students each year, and though they try – are terrible surfers.


You can read more about the generationYOU team here.

Can you give me examples of activities run by generationYOU?

Primarily, generationYOU runs one day events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Together with this, we issue a weekly Career Hacks eNews to our community, run several Facebook live events and share countless relevant articles to our social media followers.


All information or events focus sharing learnings, experiences and training around enterprise and/or employability skills such as communication, leveraging contacts, problem solving, building a personal brand as well as the future of work and career development.

How can I be a part of these generationYOU activities?

We’d love for you to be a part of our community. The ideal way to join us straight away is by signing up to weekly Career Hacks for free. It is a weekly newsletter filled with relevant and fresh content created and curated by us, to help you unleash your potential.


Next step is to consider joining us at one of our Live Events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. Details can be found here.


You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under @genYOUaus.

I would like to partner with generationYOU. What are you looking for?

generationYOU is looking for organisational partners or collaborators to power up our goal of enabling all young Australians to unleash their potential.


We would love to hear from you if:


  • You are interested in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders
  • Have a good story or experiences to share which will enhance our learning experiences
  • Want to be known as a thought leader in areas such as the Future of Work, Leadership, Networking or Career Development
  • Keen to increase your employer/product/ brand with 17-25 year olds
  • Form part of a community or organisation that works with young people in any capacity e.g. colleagues, members, students

The generationYOU community is growing. After only 2 years we have impacted more than 3000 Millennials through our online experiences, including almost 1000 people who have joined in on our live events.


However, there is much more to do and we are keen to work with the larger community to get there. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Nadine on nadine@generationyou.com.au

I’m interested in your hands on training program. Where can I find more information on that?

As a learning organisation, nothing excites us more than creating opportunities for growth and development. That’s why we have developed our hands on training program that extends to Millennials in our community keen to gain practical experience in the areas of marketing, event management and entrepreneurship.


We take applications for the training program all year round, so please feel free to learn more and apply now if this interests you.

Is generationYOU a not for profit organisation?

generationYOU is a social enterprise i.e. it is run with the primary aim of helping young people (17-25) unleash their potential, whatever that may be. All the generationYOU activities and projects are designed to encourage as many youth as possible to benefit on the learning offered.


We do not consider wealth or funds as a barrier to participation and hence not only offer scholarship places for all live events, but are also keen to work with not for profits to encourage more disadvantaged youth to benefit.

Still have questions?

We would love to answer them for you! Get in touch via email on hello@generationyou.com.au or call the team on 07 3666 0924.

So what is generationYOU Live?

Let’s be honest. Starting a career or even finding a job is tough work.


This is where our Live Events comes in.


We’re a one-day event that helps students, recent graduates and young individuals unleash their potential. We aim to do this by gathering a variety of successful and driven entrepreneurs, employers and leaders to help you gain skills on how to power up your career, network like a pro, develop a personal brand and more!

Can I still attend even if I’m not a student, recent graduate or millennial?

Whilst generationYOU is specifically designed for milllennials (17-25), we  have found that attendees who don’t necessarily fall into the category gained something relevant and powerful out of the experience.


If you are not quite sure if generationYOU is right for you, or are thinking about sending a group of attendees to our events, please drop us a line on hello@generationYOU.com.au and we will be happy to help you out.

Where and when will it be held?

In 2018 generationYOU Live Events will be held in 4 cities:


  • Brisbane: March 22nd Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Melbourne: April 20th Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Sydney: August 30th ICC Sydney
  • Adelaide: September 7th Adelaide Convention Centre

How much does it cost?

Student Tickets – $35.00

Full-Fee Tickets – $70.00

Cool, but does this include food?

Yes, of course. Your ticket price includes coffee, a few nibbles throughout the day and lunch.


However, morning tea and afternoon tea won’t be provided so if you’re someone who likes to graze, we suggest you bring a few snacks in your bag for the day.

I really want to come along, but I'm broke. Is there anything you can do?

We have a limited number of scholarship tickets available for each event.


To apply this simply complete this form and we will let you know if you have been successful.

I can't make it for the whole day, can I still come along?

Absolutely. Whilst we would love for you to join us for the whole day, we understand that sometimes you have commitments that just can’t move.


Each generationYOU session is its own piece – so missing one or two sessions will not stop you from benefitting fully from the sessions that you are there for!

I'm studying Zoology/Industrial Design/Seismology - is generationYOU still relevant for me?

Regadless of your degree or ideal job, there are certain skills we all need in the workplace.


Think about it –  communication, problem solving, networking, leadership, emotional intelligence, personal branding – these are the key skill that everyone needs regardless of their role. Furthermore, these are exactly the skills that more often than not will help you stand out from the crowd.

What's in it for me?

At generationYOU, you’ll get to:


  • Interact with the awesome presenters
  • Experience the day with like-minded individuals
  • Devour a delicious lunch to keep you happy and not #hangry!
  • Own a generationYOU goodie bag – limited edition, full of goodness and very stylish
  • Interact with us on social media using the hashtag: #genYOU – show us how good your selfie game is!
  • Join an exclusive LinkedIn group after the event where you’ll gain access to cool resources to help you continue your career journey
  • Win some wicked prizes and more

Still have questions?

We would love to answer them for you! Get in touch via email on hello@generationyou.com.au or call the team on 07 3666 0924.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you’d like to bring an extra notepad and pens, or more snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic), by all means go all out!


However, you will be provided with a generationYOU book and pen, as well as lunch so you don’t really need to bring anything else but yourself.

Is there a dress code?

There isn’t a strict dress code to abide by, however wearing smart casual attire is definitely the recommended outfit of the day (#ootd). Dress for comfort with a little bit of style!

I can't make it for the whole day, can I still come along?

Absolutely. Whilst we would love for you to join us for the whole day, we understand that sometimes you have commitments that just can’t move.


Each generationYOU session is its own piece – so missing one or two sessions will not stop you from benefitting fully from the sessions that you are there for!

What if something comes up and I’m unable to attend – can I get a refund?

It’d be unfortunate if you couldn’t make it, but we will be able to refund you if notice of cancellation is received in writing 14 days prior to the event.


However, if you miss this deadline, substitutes for your spot are also welcome within a 48-hour timeframe from the event. Note of substitution must be provided via email to hello@generationyou.com.au