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November Theme: Life After Graduation


It’s time to wave goodbye to your university life and embrace everything you’ve worked so hard for. We’re going to help you get through this daunting transition. 


This month we’re giving you tips, tricks and hacks to survive your post-graduation life.

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genYOU Story 15 – Saara

  • By generationYOU
  • 09 Nov, 2017
Our 15th genYOU Story comes from our very own Saara Khan. Far from being boring and linear, Saara’s journey to her dream job (yes we are that awesome at genYOU) has had more than one twist and.

When winging it just won’t cut it

  • By Lisa Renneisen
  • 25 Oct, 2017
Be honest with yourself. How many times have you found yourself getting ready for an exam or another significant activity and you get to a crucial point where you have to accept that you are unprepared? Like.